The tradition of drinking whiskey has been developed and refined over several decades now. It should be savored very slowly paying keen attention to its more delicate and finer flavors as much as you would a fine strain of marijuana. Marijuana legalization and its rapid expansion has opened up the possibility of new experiences such as the pairing of fine whiskey and exquisite marijuana strains in a way that shows both discerning taste and sophistication.

The legalization of marijuana has increased the demand for marijuana strains that have a unique high and exquisite flavor profiles. This along with the fact that it has made finding high quality marijuana products much easier and safer. Both the experienced and amateur pot user is fast becoming more concerned with getting the perfect drink and weed strain match for their particular occasions that may be at hand. Focusing on their individual subtle flavors is what will largely determine how good the marijuana, whiskey pairing will be. For example, the earthy, woody flavor produced by OG Kush would definitely pair well with a whiskey that has some strong oak flavors.

Some rather excellent pairings are:


Pineapple Kush, aside from having a considerably high THC level, has a lasting pineapple sweetness attached to it. This indica hybrid should pair perfectly with an excellent bottle of single malt whiskey, One such bottle would be Glenmorangie Artein Single Malt Scotch. The hints of plums, apricots and peaches this scotch whiskey has will help accentuate that lasting pineapple sweetness the Pineapple Kush provides.


The three kings cannabis hybrid has an earthy sweetness attached to it. Most will recommend a fine batch of Irish single malt whiskey to go along with it. Bushmills Irish Single Malt whiskey is the ideal bottle to be paired with the three kings marijuana strand. Its nut and wood flavor profile will marry well with the three kings earthy sweetness flavor profile.


The Vortex strand is a cannabis sativa that contains a tropical taste and punch odor. It has an earthy, tea aroma finish to it. The perfect bottle for this strand would be the Jefferson’s Presidential Reserve Bourbon aged thirty years which should be served at room temp. The hints of toffee, leather and spice finishes attached to it pairs perfect with the Vortex’s tropical taste and punch odor. It perfectly accentuates this marijuana strand’s lingering sweetness.