Weed is fast becoming legal in most places. With a dispensary near me, it’s never been easier to find quality cannabis in your local market. As such, weed takers are experimenting on different methods of taking weed. One of the most common ways you can take your marijuana is by mixing it with whiskey.  Here is how you infuse whiskey.

Before you make that weed-whiskey cocktail, you should make sure that safety is observed. This is because alcohol is highly flammable. The following are some of the measures to take.

1. Don’t infuse alcohol over a gas burner or an open flame.

2. Never Improvise and be cautious.

3. Work in an area that has free-flowing air.

Once safety is guaranteed, you can go ahead and start preparing your weed-whiskey cocktail. You will need the following equipment to prepare your weed cocktail. A microwave, double boiler, cheesecloth and if you are going to use a stove make sure you have a hot plate.

How to Infuse Whiskey and Weed

The following are the steps to follow when making a weed-whiskey infusion.

1. Decarboxylation.

The most important step of your weed-whiskey infusion is decarbolizing the weed. You can do this by applying heat to the herb in a microwave for about an hour. The heat should be 240-degrees Fahrenheit to convert THCA into THC. Decarbing is an easy and quick process that makes your weed stay green, vibrant and adds taste.

When the weed buds are in the oven make sure you heat them for about a minute on high and then turn the buds and heat them again. Repeat the process of turning them thrice as you heat. You then break the weed into small pieces using your fingers.

2. Knowing the amount of weed you need, to infuse a bottle of whiskey.

You should know the amount of weed you need to infuse a bottle of whiskey. This will depend on how potent you want your weed-whiskey cocktail to be. The recommended amount is 1/8- ounce bag of weed for one 750-milliliter bottle of whiskey. You can vary this depending on how much weed you want to drink and how much taste of whiskey you would like.

3. Infusing Weed into Whiskey.

Put water into the bottom half of the double-boiler until it is halfway then heat it on the stove. Let the water boil at 212ºF and then reduce the heat to low. In the top half of the double-boiler, pour your whiskey and the decarbed weed. Stir and cover the mixture. Let the heat to be at low for a couple of hours to allow the whiskey and weed infuse. Make sure it does not boil.

After about 2hours you will have whiskey full of THC goodness, then sieve the infused whiskey through a cheesecloth stretched over a funnel and back into a bottle. And there yu are with your weed-whiskey infusion.

After making your infusion, the weed often leaves a yellow tone than green. You can decide to add some green food color for better results and make your intrusion more enjoyable.

Finally, weed intrusions are becoming a common method of taking this herb and the explained process above is all you need to follow for a quality and taste weed-whiskey intrusion.